Mental Toughness

 Great Quote about Mental Toughness

Great Quote about Mental Toughness

Just over a week ago I competed at the CrossFit Hartford Summer Meltdown where my partner and I placed 2nd Place. Why we finished 2nd Place boils down to 3 things only. 

1) Focus - When we arrived on Saturday we knew what we were there to do. We wanted a TOP 3 finish. We focused on finishing TOP 3. We talked about it as if we were already there. We said after each event TOP 3. Do you see whats going on here? It's a little bit like the law of attraction. We knew what the workouts were and we knew our plan going into each one and no matter how we finished we still had the focus of finishing in the TOP 3 when the weekend was over.

2) Belief - If you don’t think you’re a winner, you never will be. This doesn’t mean you have to be arrogant. Thinking you are a winner, to you, may not actually mean standing on the podium. Being a winner is about setting achievable goals that are challenging but realistic and actually believing you are good enough to reach those goals. We planned our strategies accordingly and knew what numbers we would hit, what reps we would perform without caring what the previous heat got or what those who were next to us were doing. Take home points from non other than YODA and Empire Strikes Back “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” 

3) Swim Upstream/Take The Risk - If you think you can gain an advantage by swimming upstream do so and take the risk. If you are constantly trying to be like everyone else you will end up being like everyone else. Our 2nd Workout was 2 parts: A) Take 5 Mins for Partner 1 to build to a 1RM Front Squat B) Take 5 Mins for Partner 2 to build to a 1RM Shoulder To Overhead. Everyone in the competition had the Male partner do the Front Squat and their Female partner do the Shoulder to Overhead. 

I had a better plan to let my female partner do the Front Squat and allow myself to do the Jerk. I planned it out such that we would hit 500# total with our combined weight. My female partner would Front Squat 200 and I would Jerk 300. That didn't end up happening. My female partner ended up hitting a 205# Front Squat and I ended up Jerking 335#. Go against the grain. Be different and allow yourself to be confident with the outcome.