3 Things I Use Everyday And You Should Too

I'm writing this post to tell you exactly what I use on a daily basis in order to give you better guidance choosing products that fit into your fitness lifestyle while not making you bankrupt or making your gym bag fill with endless clutter.

1) Gymnastic Grips - I use the Bear KompleX 3 Hole Hand Grips because they provide the most protection and are built to last. No other gymnastic grip comes close to the quality these have. After I am done using them I toss them in my bag - no after care needed.

Price: $34.98 (for a years worth of work this is a BARGAIN)

Recommendation: The first week you buy them you must wear them as much as possible during any work on the bars. The leather is not as "grippy" nor pliable so be sure to not get frustrated. Use it for about 10-15 minutes/day and take them off. After about a week of use they should be ready to use for continuous use on the bar. I am 5' 11" and I use size Medium.

How: I wear them on top of my Strength Wraps for added protection/tension in my wrist especially when I am doing multiple movements on top of bar work. 


2) Knee Sleeves - I use the HookGrip 2.0 Knee Sleeves. I have used these for over a year and they have withstood the test of time. They provide general warmth to your knees and a small amount of bounce out of the hole. You should never depend upon your knee wraps/sleeves and these HookGrip Knee Sleeves promote that confidence.

Price: $14.00 (FOR A PAIR compared with upwards of $70 for Rehband Knee Sleeves)

Recommendation: Click the link above and place your order to start lifting away. Find sizes on website. I order a size down because I like them to fit snug.

How: I usually wear them on my calves or knees. Sometimes from wearing weightlifting shoes a lot my calves tend to get super tight so I place the knee sleeves on my knees. Other times I generally place them on my knees.

3) Goat Tape - I use the Scary Sticky Goat Tape.....EVERYDAY. I have been using this ever since Goat Tape hit the CrossFit scene. There is simply no other tape that provides the stickiness nor grip.

Price: $40.00 (Thats for a package of 6 which should last you close to 3 months compared with buying the hockey tape that you must use 12 rolls in one month).

Recommendation: Wear it on your thumbs during olympic lifting as well as wrists if you do not have any wrist support.

How: BEND YOUR THUMBS. Many will keep there thumbs stiff but this will be a sure way to a purple thumb. Do yourself a favor and follow below.