Knee Tightness/Quad Soreness

Are you having knee aches and pains or quad soreness that just won't go away? Have you tried foam rolling, stretching, and ice baths. Perhaps you need the power of a barbell to make the pain and stiffness go away.  

Here's some advice for the novice as well as experienced athlete:

Perform 10 Air Squats very slow (3 seconds down/3 second pause in the bottom)...This should take 1 minute.


2 Mins/Leg - Sit down and take the collar (not the knurling of the bar) and mash out your entire quad with emphasis on the VMO (tear drop muscle) IT Band, Psoas/Hip Flexor. 


Perform 10 Air Squats using the same tempo as above (3 seconds down/3 second pause in the bottom) and notice the difference.

I perform this exact protocol 3-4x/week to keep me moving smooth.

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